Get Creative with a Tumbler Heat Press!

Everyone loves a good DIY project that is easy, fun, and creative. Add a tumbler heat press to the mix, and you have yourself a recipe for an awesome weekend craft. If you’re looking for an engaging activity with family or friends, check out these four creative projects you can make with your tumbler heat press.

4 DIY Projects Using a Tumbler Heat Press

Customized Coffee Mugs

What better way to start your morning than with a coffee in a mug that was made by you? With a tumbler heat press, you can customize mugs with designs of your choice. All you need is some heat transfer vinyl (HTV) and a regular ceramic mug from the store. Cut the HTV into whatever design or shape you want, then use the tumbler heat press to adhere it to the mug. Boom! You’ve got a personalized coffee mug that will bring joy to any morning routine.

Personalized Phone Cases

Ditch those boring phone cases and make one of your own! Just like the mugs, you only need an HTV and phone case of your choice (or just buy an empty case if needed). Make sure to measure it first so that it fits perfectly on the case when cutting out the HTV design. Let your creativity run wild, and have fun creating new designs each time!

Monogrammed Pillows

Give any home decor piece a personal touch by making monogrammed pillows! Buy some fabric or pillowcases from your local craft store, cut out some HTV letters in whatever font and size you want, then press them onto the fabric using your tumbler heat press for about 10-15 seconds per letter (depending on how hot your machine is). Finally, lay out some stuffing into the material of your choice and sew up both sides together – voila! You now have an adorable monogrammed pillow perfect for any room in the house!

Customized Tote Bags

Give those plain old grocery bags an upgrade by customizing them with whatever design or artwork of yours suits it best. This one may take a bit more effort since multiple layers are involved, but trust us; it’s worth it once finished!

  • First, buy some canvas material as well as batting (for padding) from any craft store near you.
  • Cut out two pieces of canvas material in whichever size bag you desire.
  • Iron on batting around each piece; sew up three sides of both pieces together while leaving one side open.
  • Turn inside out so that seams are facing inwards. Iron on either side of the bag.
  • Finally, cut out desired shapes or artwork from HTV and adhere onto the bag using tumbler heat press — there you go! A personalized bag ready to be taken anywhere life takes you.


With these 4 DIY projects, never again will there be another dull weekend spent doing nothing at home—that’s right, folks, get creative with a tumbler heat press today! Whether customizing mugs/phone cases/pillows/tote bags(or all!), feel free to let go & explore different ideas each time while having heaps of fun along the way 🙂 Good luck & happy crafting, everyone!



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